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  • What is included with a visit?
    We have different types of visits to meet your needs. The DROP-IN visit is a minimum of 30 minutes, and is primarily focused on the CARE of your fur baby. During this visit, we feed your pet as instructed, provide medications if necessary, give fresh water each day, and take dogs out for a potty walk or scoop the cat's litter box. With any remaining time we focus on playing, petting, or just sitting with your pet. This is our favorite part of the visit. All in all, our focus is to provide the care your pet deserves. The 30-MINUTE WALK is up to 30 minutes while the actual time spent walking is dependent on your fur baby's needs, weather conditions, and your preferences. During this visit, we focus on providing an enjoyable walk, provide a treat (if they are available), and we top off the water bowl if needed (replacing with fresh water if it appears necessary). The CAT CARE visit is the same as a drop-in visit, but for cats.
  • How do I know when the visit is complete?
    You will receive an update and pictures. We enjoy playing with and petting your fur baby. Part of this joy includes taking pictures and sending you an update via text. The updates vary and can range from "just the fact" to adding in caption or even a bit of a comical narrative at times.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    In order to prevent confusion and uncomfortable scenarios, we ask your payment be processed through our management team. We accept Venmo, Zelle, cash, and we will accept checks from established clients. If you prefer, Venmo or Zelle, simply send a text with your username or appropriate contact information, and we will send a "request" through the appropriate app. Feel free to call with any questions. Our Venmo ID:
  • Are there a minimum number of visits each day while I'm away?
    We sincerely care about the well being of your fur baby. In order to provide the care your pet deserves, we believe a minimum number of visits are necessary for his/her health, happiness, and safety. We are more than happy to provide additional visits, and feel more visits are appropriate for many pets. We require a minimum of 1 visit per day for cats, although we find 2 visits to be more comforting for your kitty. We require a minimum of 2 visits per day for dogs, although we truly believe a minimum of 3 fits the needs of most pups. Birds and small animals require 1 visit per day, minimum.
  • What are your change and cancellation policies?
    At this time, we prefer to keep things simple and flexible. We only ask for your kind consideration when making changes or cancellations. Please provide as much advance notice as possible.
  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?
    It's always best to provide as much notice as possible. We accept reservations up to one year in advance. While we will accept late or last minute reservations, our ability to do so is based on our availability. We will always make our best effort to facilitate last minute requests.
  • What type of pets do you care for?
    We love all sorts of animals, and we currently provide care for dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals of all sorts (bunnies, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs... to name a few). Feel free to contact us to ask about your specific pet.
  • How do you handle routine visits during inclement weather?
    We've found most pets are nervous or scared during a storm; especially thunderstorms. While we understand "going outside" is the preference, we will not force or be aggressive if your fur baby is afraid or uncomfortable. We do our best to provide loving care and patience to your anxious pet. Therefore, we give as much extra time as possible to comfort and assure him/her during a storm. You will be informed if we were unsuccessful in "going outside". Since we live in Florida, we routinely ask pet parents about their preferences during hurricane season. More specifically, what to do during a potential evacuation. We will make every effort to do as you indicate. Ultimately, the health, happiness, and safety of your pet is our priority.
  • When is payment due?
    Overnight Stays, Drop-in visits, and Stay-in visits: Payment is due upon your return through any of our online options. You may also remit payment in person when we return your key. Dog Walks: We prearrange payment frequency upon activation of your account.
  • Can you water our garden or indoor plants while we're away?
    Additional services are available to care for your fur babies and home while you're away. Some tasks include retrieving mail and packages, verifying other service professionals have visited, taking your fur baby to a dog park, groomer, or veterinarian. While we are very skilled with mammals and even birds, we are, unfortunately, not as skilled with plants. Therefore, while we will happily water your potted plants, we sadly do not guarantee the plants survival when you return.
  • Do you accommodate the holidays?
    Yes. Since our goal is to provide the care your pet deserves, we are available during all holidays. We take limited reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We find all reservations, especially overnight stays, fill far in advance, so please plan early. We will provide as much advance notice as possible when planning our family's vacation time.
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